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Working with Michelle was a dream!

Working with Michelle as my photographer for my new website was a dream. She was incredibly professional, warm, engaging and made the entire experience feel easy, fun and enjoyable. And she made it incredibly hard to choose which photos I wanted because they were all so wonderful.

I cannot recommend Michelle enough and am so thrilled with my photos.


Kind Words from Julie Parker
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I LOVE working with Michelle.

I LOVE working with Michelle. The truth is, no matter how prepared I am for a shoot, I’m always pretty awkward when the camera first comes out. Somehow Michelle’s kindness, good humour and graceful guidance has me completely comfortable and belly laughing while dancing around to whatever’s on Spotify in front of her lens within minutes.

To say Michelle goes above and beyond to get the shot is an understatement of epic proportions. I’ve seen her fly across the country, wade through floods, magically move furniture 3 times her size, wrangle the GPS and hang off railings, all in the name of great photos.

Even though Michelle and I live in different states, organising our shoots is always easy and completely stress free. Always prepared, a true professional, wonderful person and total babe – I can’t wait to work with Michelle again!


Working with Michelle was such a beautiful, collaborative process.

Working with Michelle was such a beautiful, collaborative process. She truly went above and beyond to understand my vision, help me connect with the feelings I wanted to embody and experience in the shoot, and support me in bringing all of the details together.

Michelle creates the perfect balance of both guiding, directing and supporting you, while also being flexible, adaptable and receptive to your ideas and requests. This is what made it feel like such a magical co-creative process.

On the day of our shoot, Michelle’s calming yet playful presence helped me feel safe and comfortable to express myself fully, and made the day feel fun and enjoyable. Her work is professional, attentive, feminine and intuitive and I am so happy with the end result of what we created together.


Kind Words from Connie Chapman
Kind Words from Helen Jacobs
Michelle truly heard what I was asking for, she understood me and my brief.

I’ve long been an admirer of Michelle’s work, so when I needed new shots for a website and business rebrand, I reached out – knowing I was really asking Michelle for something different than what was in her current portfolio. And boy, did she deliver!

Michelle truly heard what I was asking for, she understood me and my brief and took the time to research and work with me for the tone and direction I desired.

I felt so taken care of, pampered and supported in the lead up to the shoot and the day could not have gone better. Michelle had thought of everything! She helped me relax, feel confident and comfortable and I was thrilled with the results. Michelle will be my go-to for my next photo shoot!


I was thrilled with the results.

Thank you Michelle - I had such a wonderful time on our shoot and I was thrilled with the results - I still can't believe how many different looks, moods and locations we got through. I know I'll be using them for years to come!


Kind Words from Denise Duffield-Thomas
Kind Words from Dani Hunt
Michelle’s expertise shone through.

From the moment I booked in with Eyes of Love, I felt the excitement building – I knew my brand image was about to be amplified, and I finally had permission to up my game.

Throughout the shoot, Michelle’s expertise shone through as she expertly worked the room to make the most of the fading light and capture the perfect library of shots. This girl’s got the goods, and the magic glow, and everyone’s bewitched.


Michelle has this wondrous way of making you feel free and confident.

Be prepared to be wowed! After seeing Michelle’s breathtaking portraiture on Instagram, I contacted her to have professional images taken for my website and I’m gobsmacked by how beautifully they turned out. I was nervous before our photo shoot – wondering if my makeup looked okay, worried I might look silly posing in front of the camera – but in addition to her mind-blowing photography skills, Michelle has this wondrous way of making you feel free and confident, and sees beyond the lens to capture the unique essence of who you are.


Kind Words from Tammy Warner-Wilson
Kind Words from Yvette Luciano
I'm a big lover of Michelle's work.

I'm a big lover of Michelle's work and thoroughly enjoyed our shoot together, which has received glowing feedback and compliments. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who wants a natural, enjoyable and easy shooting experience. Michelle is fully in her zone of genius bringing out the inner beauty of women stepping into their power.


Michelle is warm, friendly and an absolute professional.

Working with Eyes of Love Photography was an absolute blast. I was very nervous about having my photo taken before I took the plunge and booked in, during the photoshoot I was amazed that I didn’t feel nervous at all. Michelle has such a personable nature, encouraging me and telling me how great everything was looking, making the whole experience surprisingly enjoyable.

Michelle captured the essence of the images that I was after perfectly. Her process helped me plan out the style of shots, the props I needed and even the clothing I might go for – ensuring everything ran smoothly!

Michelle is warm, friendly and an absolute professional – with photos to prove that! I simply couldn’t imagine working with anyone else!


Kind Words from Elle Lynn
Kind Words from Cassie Mendoza-Jones
I felt comfortable with Mish from the moment we met.

I decided to work with Mish from Eyes of Love because I’d been following her on social media for a while and I could see she takes beautiful, fresh and natural shots. Plus, so many of my friends had worked with her and absolutely raved about her, in every way. I knew I wanted to get some new shots done, and from the moment I got in touch with Mish I knew I’d made the right decision.

No matter how many shoots I’ve organised, I always feel a little nervous before a shoot and this one was in the middle of my book tour, in another state, and with only a few hours to shoot… so the nerves were on! But working with Mish was a dream. We had such a great chat in the lead up to the shoot, she looked at every photo I’d added to our private mood board in detail (even more than I had, to be honest!) and she did an extensive pre-shoot location scout to find the best spots to shoot, so that the moment we started shooting, we knew our plan. I can’t tell you how helpful that was!

I felt comfortable with Mish from the moment we met; we didn’t stop laughing, and the shoot felt breezy, easy and casual. We got so much done in just a few hours, and I can’t wait to keep slowly rolling out the photos she took, in my branding, for product launches and on social media. If you know you want to get some amazing photos to up-level your brand—photos that bring out the real you — I can’t recommend Mish enough.