Personal Branding Shoot - Leonie Dawson

My shoot with Leonie Dawson was hands down the most fun I’ve EVER had behind the lens!

What made this shoot so damn enjoyable?

Firstly, it was such a breath of fresh air to spend time with someone who’s so grounded, content and happy in their own skin. Leonie is so unapologetically “Leonie” luminous, technicolored, a hippy at heart and oh so hilarious.

We hired a beautiful home at Maroochydore and to quote the wonderful woman herself we ‘Leonie’d the shit outta it’. It’s important to note here that the home itself was quite minimal - think bright, white and airy, with ample natural light. This allowed us to come in and style with as many pops of colour and creative clutter as we liked (shout out to Ellie who was behind the scenes styling up a storm for us!).

A massive benefit of hiring an entire home is that we’re able to capture a huge variety of images, that are beautifully cohesive. This shoot has given Leonie ample content for her web refresh, online courses, e-books and her social media feeds.

I was 7 months pregnant so my hubby Jacko was on hand, second shooting and carrying all the gear. Plus, Leonie was kind enough to organise catering (food is absolutely the way to a pregnant woman’s heart; nom, nom, nom!!!).

Here’s some of my favourite snaps from the day.

eyes of love photography
eyes of love branding shoot.jpg
Eyes of Love - branding shoot.jpg
Eyes of love - photography.jpg
eyes of love.jpg
eyes of love 01.jpg
eyes of love head shots.jpg
Eyes of love 02.jpg
eyes of love 03.jpg

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Michelle Swan