Gold Coast Branding Shoot with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Some shoots come together with the most wonderful synchronicity, that you can't help but smile and know it was meant to be!

Here's a fun back story of my shoot with Denise Duffield-Thomas...

In 2016 I created a private mood board on Pinterest, titled "Dream Clients". I let my imagination run wild, and filled the board with many women who I respect and admire.  Denise Duffield-Thomas' pic was one of the first I pinned on the board, intuitively I had a strong sense that we'd work together.

In March of 2017 I was invited to attend a dinner in Byron with a wonderful group of women, Denise would be there and I was so excited that after years of following her online, that we'd have the opportunity to meet in person.  Mumma nature had other plans, Topical Cyclone Debbie hit the Gold Coast, destruction and floods ensued.   There was no was I was making it to Byron safely!

Later that year, I attended the Divinely Feminine Retreat in Daylesford, hosted by Julie Parker (an absolute dream and story for another time!). I landed in Melbourne and the first person I saw at the airport was Denise, who to my surprise was attending the retreat as well!

We got chatting and Denise mentioned she was doing some filming on the Gold Coast for her Money Bootcamp course, and wondered did I know of any great homes she cold film in?  Turns out I did! 

I'd assisted at a fashion shoot in 2016 (something I'd never done before) the owner of the Air BNB gave me her card and said she had a beautiful Hamptons style home and she's considering hiring it out for shoots.  I held onto her details for a year and truly had forgotten all about it. 

I'd been following Denise long enough to know that anything with a Hamptons / Coastal flair would suit her branding perfectly.   We googled the house so I could show her and get was the EXACT home that Denise had on her dream board.   What are the chances?!

It was decided on the spot, that'd be the house she'd hire for filming and we'd do a full branding shoot as well. 

Here are some of my favourite snaps from our day together.  Did I mention two of these pics are now gracing the covers of her Hay House published books!

Gold Coast Branding Photoshoot 01.jpg
Gold Coast Branding Photoshoot 02.jpg
Gold Coast Branding Photoshoot 03.jpg
Gold Coast Branding Photoshoot 04.jpg
Gold Coast Branding Photoshoot 05.jpg
Gold Coast Branding Photoshoot 06.jpg
Gold Coast Branding Photoshoot 09.jpg
Gold Coast Branding Photoshoot 10.jpg
Gold Coast Branding Photoshoot 11.jpg
Gold Coast Branding Photoshoot 12.jpg
Gold Coast Branding Photoshoot 13.jpg
Gold Coast Branding Photoshoot 15.jpg

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Michelle Swan