Eyes on My Goodness Me

Back in July this year I was contacted by Fran, a Wellness and Lifestyle blogger, who's based in the UK. Life is such a wonderful mirror and I'm constantly awed and amazed at the way that life attracts and connects us with exactly what we need. In Fran, I'm able to catch a glimpse of my younger self - an old soul, sensitive and deeply empathetic, someone who yearns to shake things up and grow into their fullest potential, while encouraging those around them to do the same! The difference between Fran and I (from where I stand) she's fast tracked this process. She's out there living her truth - exploring passions, learning, trying new things and sharing her insights in such a refreshing, honest and heartfelt way. Head on over to her website www.mygoodnessme.com and you'll see what I mean!

We're all human, we all have doubts / insecurities / worries.....fill in the blanks......and from the time I've spent with Fran, I know she's the same. But my 20 year old self, (who was so often plagued by self-doubt and fear of what others might think) salutes you!! Keep shining my friend!


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