Eyes on JuJu Creative Hub


So excited to kick of this interview series with this beautiful soul, Elle!

She's the Creative Director of JuJu Creative Hub, a full-service branding, marketing and design agency for soul-fuelled entrepreneurs.

You need only to spend a little time with Elle to pick up on how passionate she is about empowering women. So much so, that together with her online bestie Sophie Zen she's also created The Goddess Sisterhood a free online mag for bloggers and female entrepreneurs.

Let's dive in and find out more!


Hey Elle, let's get to know you a little better! How would you best describe yourself?

I’m the Creative Director of JuJu Creative Hub, a branding, marketing & design agency for female entrepreneurs. I’m a bit of a hippy at heart who loves the creature comforts of Red wine and binge-watching Suits or Scandal a little too much.

Can you give us some insight into what a regular day / or week looks like for you?

I’m not a morning person, so my mornings are usually a little slower and fuelled by coffee. But I still like to be at the desk by 9 at the latest! My days are filled with tweaking websites, crafting visual brands and interacting with other powerful female entrepreneurs online - either in Facebook groups or in 1:1 coaching workshops.

Being your own boss, how do you balance work, rest and play?

I think the elusive ‘balance’ is hard to find - particularly when you’re passionate about what you do. Because often ‘working’ can still be ‘play’!!! For me, it’s more about being a little forgiving on myself. If I’m not feeling it, I try not to push it and allow myself some timeout to rest and move away from a project. I’m often then more refreshed and ready to see things in a different light than before.


What branding and design tips would you give to someone who's starting out?

Your brand is all about your customers perception of you - so ensure that you understand how you want someone to feel when they first see your brand visually. This comes about in the colours you’re using and your imagery. If you’re not sure, ask some of your dream clients what they think when they see your brand.

Also, take a look at some of the brands you love - try and assess what you like and don’t like about them. Consider what values they're portraying through their visuals, and if these are values you’d also like to portray in your brand. If so, try and integrate some similar elements into your visuals - in your own unique style of course!!

Describe your dream client? What projects really light you up?

I love to work with other female entrepreneurs who are forging their own path by building a business for themselves. I love when they are passionate about shaking things up and changing people's lives in the process! I’m in my element when I get to collaborate with these women in bringing their brand and website to life so that they can start sharing their message in a way that feels authentic to them. For me, it’s the goosebump moments, where they’re sharing the WHY of their business in normal conversation that really lights me up as I get to watch them get crystal clear on their future vision!


We recently worked together on a photography shoot **I must add how proud I am of you, because I know it was an 'out of the comfort zone' experience** What drew you to collaborate with Eyes of Love Photography?

I’d been ‘eyeing’ off Eyes of Love Photography images for a while. I loved how the essence of the person in the shoot was captured in a very natural way. It really felt authentic to the person, as I could see each shoot was different and felt authentic to the person being photographed.

I knew that getting in-front of the camera would be difficult thing for me, and I could just tell from the energy that Michelle puts out online in the content she shares that she was a genuine person that would help me to feel comfortable throughout the process.

Did you have any concerns/expectations/magic 'a-ha!' moments during the shooting process?

I was pretty nervous about the whole thing, with all sorts of fraudy-feelings popping up prior to the shoot. I don’t naturally like being in front of the camera, so was worried that I very well may just freak out on the day! But the whole process was a lot more relaxed and exciting than I anticipated. Having my bestie there to help me setup, calm me down when I’m feeling frantic and put up with my excited nervousness definitely helped. Plus, pulling her into some of the shots meant I didn’t feel so out of place!

I’m glad I took the plunge and finally did it (after months and months of procrastinating due to fear), as it’s allowed me to not only conquer that fear but I’d gladly do it again!!!

Rapid Q's

Favourite food:  Thai… anything Thai! YUM!

On my bookshelf:I can never read one book at a time - so it’s currently Shonda Rhimes’ “The Year of Yes”, Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” (again!) & Drew Barrymore’s “Wildflower”.

In my spare time you'll find me:  Binge-watching Scandal, Suits or How to Get Away With Murder.

Dream holiday destination:  Colourful places! India, Thailand, Morrocco! I want them all!!!

My guilty pleasure:  Kettle’s Chilli Chips! (Probably a little too much!!!)

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