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Carly Hicks is a passionate Health and Wellness blogger and avid foodie!

Her autoimmune disease diagnosis has proven to be a catalyst that has seen Carly make huge health and lifestyle changes, to allow her body to heal naturally. She's currently studying to become a Naturopath and regularly shares wellness tips and delicious, healthy recipes on her social media channels. 

If you're looking to improve your health naturally, Carly is the woman to inspire you!


Hey Carly, let's get to know you a little better! How would you best describe yourself?

I would describe myself as an avid “foodie” that pretty much lives in her kitchen, ha-ha! After being diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions in 2012 at age 24, it gave me a new outlook on life.  Now I’m a girl who loves nothing more than spending time with my dog, taking nature walks looking for waterfalls, creating delicious healthy recipes to share with my tribe, and completing my Bachelor Degree to become the most amazing Naturopath I can be.  Healing others is what I believe I was born to do, and I’m going to do it well!

Can you give us some insight into what a regular day / or week looks like for you?

It’s busy!! Mornings consist of meditation upon waking, followed by my angel oracle cards to start the day.  A warming breakfast to get my digestion going and to sustain me throughout the day.  Then I’ll normally photograph one of my recipe creations so I can share it with my tribe, followed by work and then I’ll come home and normally study for 2 hours, have a nice warm bath and go to bed and have snuggles with my dog (oh and partner can’t forget him).


Right now you're training to become a Naturopath, what sparked your interest in natural therapies?

My autoimmune disease divinely led me on the path to studying. Because of my condition I found I was just so sensitive to everything and that the medical approach to my treatment wasn’t really getting me far. I decided to take a different approach and see my healing as not just healing the symptom, but getting to the root cause of why I became sick in the first place. It’s funny, I honestly believe I was guided to my amazing Naturopath and from there she gave me the courage to pursue this passion and turn it into a career!

There's so many people who want to improve their health, but don't know where to start! What advice would you give to someone looking to make some healthier choices?

The best advice I could give is that the food we eat can either heal our bodies from disease, or be the catalyst to developing disease. You always have the choice to change your health and your life and only you know what your body needs, you just need to start to listen to it and shower it with the love it deserves.

What's your 'go to' healthy meal on the run?

(Be sure to check out her blog for delicious meal inspo!)

At the moment it’s a healthy take on crispy coated chicken with a homemade coleslaw salad and dressing. It’s so good! And its gluten free, dairy free & grain free!


I've been so blessed to work with you on a couple of photo shoots now. What drew you to collaborate with Eyes of Love Photography?  Did you have any concerns/expectations/magic 'a-ha!' moments during the shooting process?  

It’s funny, because I was drawn to Eyes of Love Photography and contacted Michelle to get some photos taken and little did I know we would meet at the Soul Sister event before my shoot and we just hit it off! Michelle has a magical way of capturing that natural beauty in everyone that comes in contact with her lens. I've felt so calm during our shoots and she honestly makes me feel and see how truly beautiful I am and to me that’s magic!            


Rapid Q's

Favourite food: I’m a sucker for peaches!

On my bookshelf: Big Magic, Light is the New Black, Eat Pray Love, lots of cook books! Pete Evans is my favourite at the moment.

In my spare time you'll find me: In Nature!  Any chance I get I have some alone time in nature, I'm there! You’ll probably find me on a local nature walk, near a waterfall. There’s something about nature that just grounds me and takes my worries away.

Dream holiday destination:  New York - I’m a big lover of musicals and my dream is to one day get to New York and take in those bright lights.

My guilty pleasure: My gluten, dairy and grain free double chocolate cookies (yum!)

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