Michelle Swan from Eyes Of Love Photography

When it comes to photography, I’m passionate about working with women who are letting their inner light shine bright and allowing their true essence to be seen and celebrated.

Hi, I’m Michelle. Let me show you how we can make magic together.

I’m a natural light photographer based on Queensland’s Gold Coast who specialises in collaborating with heart-centred female entrepreneurs who want to set the world alight with their passion. I also work with professionals and creatives who are looking to attract their ideal client through warm, welcoming, and natural imagery.

Because let's be honest: photography is more than just pretty pictures. To me, it's about seeking opportunities to explore and play with the different aspects of your personality, business, and lifestyle; a chance to capture the in-between moments that require no effort; to create stunning imagery that perfectly aligns with the woman you see in the photos and the woman you meet in person.

And that's how I can help you: by holding space for you to step up and share your uniqueness with the world confidently.

Intention. Connection. Playfulness. That’s my special brand of magic...


The Story Behind
The Lens


// It all started with a box of photos. As a little girl, I’d spend hours sifting, sorting and arranging mum’s pictures into albums, obsessed with the memories captured. Even from a young age, my intuition whispered to me that there was something special about photography - that magic could be created with the click of a button.

Years later, as I stood in my high school’s darkroom, watching as the negatives of my recent work slowly develop, I was reminded of that intuitive feeling – there’s something pretty damn amazing happening here. And that I should be a part of it…

// But the expectations of adulthood and a ‘real’ career pulled me away. Have you ever given up something you love to do something you think is right? That was me in my early twenties. I bounced from one administrative job to another, always excited to explore a new area of business, endlessly hopeful that I’d finally found my place in the world. But soon enough, that old unsettled feeling would fall upon me, and I'd be searching again, deeply worried that I'd never find my calling.

In 2009, I married the love of my life, Jacko. As we drove home from planning our wedding album with our photographer, I vulnerably admitted to my new husband that if I could do anything in life, and knew I’d succeed, I’d be a photographer.

// Fast-forward a few years, and I quit my fulltime job.  This time I was heading to university to complete a Bachelor of Education. And on the outside, it looked perfect for me: I threw everything I had at the degree and worked my butt off, got excellent results, and was offered a job as soon as I graduated.  I adored ‘my kids’.  However, even after three years of teaching, that sense of unease came sneaking back; the knowledge that this just wasn't ‘it'.

It was while I was at uni that I bought my first DSLR camera. Truthfully, I had no idea how to use it; but time disappeared when I played with it.

// Then one afternoon in 2014, everything started to change. I was taking photos of a friend at her family farm, and she suggested I share my photography with the world. Intrigued by the possibility of turning this passion of mine into something more, I nervously launched an Instagram account and within the days that followed, enquires started coming in. One leap of courage and Eyes of Love was born.

My new path found me quitting my teaching position; completing a short photography course at TAFE; building my skills and portfolio by working as a second shooter with a brilliant wedding photographer; and jumping at any opportunity to learn, to improve, to grow as an artist.

Michelle Swan - Eyes Of Love Photography

I believe Eyes of Love is more than just a (slightly fabulous) business name. It's a mantra, an affirmation; the secret to seeing ourselves as others do - with love and compassion.


As a photographer, I believe I have a responsibility not to perpetuate unrealistic body ideals for women. We live in a world filled with false imagery, and collectively we’re drowning under the weight of unrealistic expectations, unattainable standards, and unhealthy comparisons. And I’m here to call it out. Gently, lovingly.

I passionately believe that every woman – regardless of age, size, race, or stature - can photograph beautifully. No exceptions. 

I celebrate and work with women of all ages and sizes, capturing what makes her beautiful and unique.

See, the thing is, you can’t see what I (and others) can. You don’t see the way your eyes sparkle when you laugh; how your face lights up when you talk about what fuels the fire in your belly; how your skin glows in the afternoon sun as you throw your head back and sigh contentedly to the clouds.

I want you to see those in-between moments, those snippets of life when the joy trickles out of you, spontaneously and delightfully.

That is my intention: to create space where you feel so relaxed and so at ease in front of the camera that your personality and beauty shine through.

I want you to - literally - view yourself with the eyes of love

Quick Facts About Michelle Swan

When I’m not behind the camera you’ll find me:


1. Spending quality time with my boys; my husband Jacko and our fur babies, Hudson and Kuma. Beach hangs with these three, and I'm the happiest girl in the world.

2. Travelling the globe with Jacko. I’ve been to 29 countries (and have plans to see many more!).  Some of our best moments include getting engaged in Hawaii; hiking in Cinque Terra and walking on a high-domed roof in Santorini - all in the name of snapping that perfect pic, of course!

3. Connecting with my soul sisters. I’m lucky enough to have an incredible squad of amazing women I love. Whether it’s café catch-ups or workout hangs, time spent with these beauties fills my cup!

4. Trying to dance like Beyoncé.
It’s a work in progress.

5. Adoring Oprah and every single thing she puts out into the world. Spend 10 minutes with me, and it’s likely I’ll weave Oprah into the conversation somehow! I’ve been learning from and loving her since I was a teen. I went to her live show here in Australia and sat so close to the stage that we made eye contact several times. Life goal complete!

6. 6. Devouring every wellness podcast I can get my hands (ears?) on. And then some. Learning while editing pics, baby!

7. Laughing at Jimmy Fallon vids. Seriously. Go and look him up on YouTube, I’ll wait right here for you. 

8. Consuming my body weight in olives. All of the olives. All of the time. (I've been obsessed since I was two years old, I’d eat them over anything else!)

Quality time with Hudson & Kuma
Travelling the globe with Jacko
Connecting with my soul sisters